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Day of Service - "Be The Change"

At one of our year-end meetings, Carly and I were talking about impending change. How can we be the change we are wishing to see? How can we fill our world with love and compassion?

On January 20th, Mamas & Milk will host a Day of Service. Our focus on this day is to serve our community through volunteering our time, helping families feed their babies. We will offer Semi-Private, One-on-One Breastfeeding Consults free of charge for those who cannot afford our normal fee. These consults will include a suck assessment, pre and post feeding weights, and a personalized plan for mamas and babies.

If you can afford to pay something, or if you want to help more families get the breastfeeding help they need, we will accept donations for the San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation, a non-profit organization that increases access to breastfeeding support. Find out more about this awesome group or to make a donation directly to the Foundation here: http://www.sdbfc.com/mission/

To schedule an appointment, please email us: dawn@mamasandmilk.com or call us at 858-218-6455

What can you DO? How can YOU help?

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