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Frequently Asked Questions

“Where are you located?”

We offer services around San Diego! 

In-Home Lactation Consults - Serving areas in and around San Diego


In-Office Lactation Consults - Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa

Coming in October!


Breastfeeding Support Groups and Yoga - Carmel Valley

RISE Prime Wellness 
5550 Carmel Mountain Rd #208
San Diego, CA 92130



“I am having trouble breastfeeding. What should I do?”
Start by calling us – 858.218.MILK (6455). We have a number of options based on your situation, including private consults, clinics and support groups.


“I’m pregnant. When can I begin taking prenatal yoga?”
We cater our classes for the students present. All trimesters are welcome.

“I have a regular yoga practice at my studio – why should I take a prenatal class?”
For so many reasons! Click here for our list.

“I just had my baby. When can I come to Mama Yoga?”
Most physicians/care providers recommend waiting six weeks after a vaginal birth and eight weeks after a belly birth (cesarean birth). Some will give you the OK to begin exercise sooner. Check with your care provider if you are unsure, and you can always give us a call – 858-218-6455.

“What should I bring to class?”
The most important thing to bring is yourself! Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat and water. And don’t worry if you forget your mat, we have extras for you to use.

If you have ANY other questions, please call Dawn @ 858-218-MILK (6455) or contact us.

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