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Prenatal Yoga

No matter where you are in your journey,
the benefits of yoga are endless.

When we practice yoga we connect with our minds, bodies and souls. We learn to return to our breath for strength, guidance and support. Whether you are preparing for labor, up to your ears in parenthood, or dealing with everyday life, yoga can help you take your own ‘time-out’ and regain focus so you can live in the present moment.

*Check our calendar for the most up-to-date schedule. All yoga classes are located at RISE Prime Wellness


Prenatal Yoga Classes:

- Saturday @ 8:45am

- Tuesdays @ 5:15pm

Join us for a 70 minute class aimed to empower you during your pregnancy and prepare your mind, body and soul for the birth of your baby. We offer a dynamic class that meets you where you are today. Practicing yoga can help you live and breathe in the present moment, prepare for labor and birth of your baby. It can help you navigate the joys and challenges that come with labor, birth and parenthood. Cultivate mindfulness, focus and relaxation while building strength and endurance. All trimesters are welcome, and classes are appropriate for the new and experienced yogis alike. No pre-registration required. Please check our calendar for schedule changes!

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Baby Moves Yoga

-Wednesdays @ 10:30am, beginning September 19, 2018 at RISE Prime Wellness

This brand new 60 minute class focuses on gentle movements for babies. Combining rhythmic movements and exercises to help open spaces in the jaw, neck and chest, it can help your little one unfold and get more comfortablein the world outside the womb. This class is great for babies with tongue tie, whether is has been released or not. Come play with your baby, interact with other parents, and maybe find a little movement for yourself as well. Ages 0-pre-crawlers and their parents/caregivers.

Babywearing Yoga

-Fridays @ 10:30am, beginning September 14, 2018 at RISE Prime Wellness

Welcome to Parenthood! This 60 minute yoga class is babywearing friendly! It is so important to take care of yourself -  use this hour to take a moment to breathe, connect, and build a strong body and mind. Sleeping baby? Perfect! You get some time to work on yourself. Hungry baby? This is the perfect place to feed in the safe company of other mamas. This time is for you, and baby’s communications and noises are welcome. 


RISE Prime Wellness
5550 Carmel Mountain Rd #208
San Diego, CA 92130
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Your First Class is Free! (with Class Pass purchase)
Drop-in: $15
5 class pass: $65
10 class pass: $125

Class passes can be purchased in class by cash, check or credit card or can be purchased using your paypal account online. Class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Class passes can be used for any of Mamas & Milk yoga classes.

Mamas and Milk Yoga Pass

Why Prenatal Yoga?

During pregnancy your body not only goes through a physical transformation, but an emotional, spiritual, and psychological one as well. Labor and birth are often compared to running a marathon in terms of the energy, preparation and toll on your body. Prenatal yoga has numerous benefits specifically catered to pregnancy, and labor and birth preparation:

What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth. – Yogi Bhajan

Yoga gives you the opportunity to connect with your body and your baby. You never know what you will walk away with after practice.

Prenatal yoga allows you to take a little time for yourself, and meet other mamas as well. It provides support and positive energy by being around other pregnant people.

Yoga helps you learn to listen to your body and get out of your head, quieting your mind (a crucial skill for labor and birth). It cultivates mindfulness, focus and relaxation.

It helps you stay active and build strength and endurance (other important factors in labor and birth).

It can help you connect with and make room for (both physically and psychologically) the precious life growing inside you.

It is empowering!

Yoga can help alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

It encourages you to connect to and deepen your breath.

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Why Babywearing Yoga?

Pregancy, Labor, Birth, and/or Parenting can change a person's body - parents have very specific needs to help find a state comfort and familiarity when everything is new. Babywearing yoga targets the pelvic floor and core muscles to help stabilize and strengthen your body, and support your body for parenthood - no matter what that includes - breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and/or holding your baby.

Yoga is a chance for you to take some time away for yourself!

Meet other parents who are on a similar journey, whether they have babes the same age as yours or older. This class is a way to join the community!

Yoga helps you learn to listen to your body and get out of your head, quieting your mind (a crucial skill for parenthood). It cultivates mindfulness, focus and relaxation.

It helps you stay active and build strength and endurance.

It is empowering!

It encourages you to connect to and deepen your breath.

Yoga can help you see your body as the beautiful thing that it is.

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