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We are excited to announce our new location for Weekday Prenatal Yoga!
Tuesday evenings, 5pm at RISE Prime Wellness

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Welcome to Mamas & Milk!

We are here to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding experience! Whether you are on your journey into parenthood for the first time or the fifth time, we know that you are an amazing woman, so completely capable of making informed choices that are best for you and your baby. Your journey into Mama-hood is a time that you will remember for the rest of your life - our hope is that you feel supported through your experience and have the resources you need to thrive. 


Support for your Journey

We believe that supporting your mind, body and soul is the key to an empowering experience. No matter what kind of birth you are anticipating, we are here to support you. We offer education and support that carries you through in a continuous and congruent way - because life is about your journey, not your destination.

We offer:
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Lactation Consults
  • Lactation Clinic
  • Breastfeeding Education Classes
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Babywearing Yoga
  • Birth Doula Services

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