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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

We honor those of you who 

bear that heavy burden of not 

seeing your child turn another year older 

hearing the...

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Top Reasons for Baby Moves Yoga

I have been working on a practice for babies for some time now, and I am so excited that it is ready! This class combines yoga (babies ARE yoga!), rhythmic movements, and tongue tie exercises with Mamas and Milk’s general philosophy - building a space for judgement-free and inclusive support. As always, your baby’s noises are welcome, and caring for your baby(whatever that looks like for you) is expected throughout our time together. 


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Change. It happens - and there are many changes happening here at Mamas & Milk!

After losing our office space on Pomerado Road due to a remodel, I have spent the summer looking for the next best place to offer our services. We have loved being in Poway for the past three years. It has been a genuine pleasure serving the community here.

Breastfeeding Support Group - Making the decision to take our breastfeeding support group on a summer hiatus was a difficult one. I have been running the group consecutively for 8 years! I have met so many tremendous,...

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Weekday Yoga is Back!

Last month we found out that our Babies R Us location was closing. That meant no more Wednesday Night Yoga, and the notice they gave us was pretty sudden! After searching all over for the right space for us, we found RISE Prime Wellness in Carmel Valley. It is in a sweet little spot, upstairs with a beautiful view. And it is in a space meant for yoga. We are super excited to introduce to you our new space – come join us on our new day and time – Tuesdays at 5pm. We know that it can...

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Day of Service - "Be The Change"

At one of our year-end meetings, Carly and I were talking about impending change. How can we be the change we are wishing to see? How can we fill our world with love and compassion?

On January 20th, Mamas & Milk will host a Day of Service. Our focus on this day is to serve our community through volunteering our time, helping families feed their babies. We will offer Semi-Private, One-on-One Breastfeeding Consults free of charge for those who cannot afford our normal fee. These consults will include a suck assessment, pre and post feeding weights, and a personalized...

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Yoga Package Deals