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About time...

Did you know that Mamas & Milk now accepts Tricare Insurance? We bill Tricare directly - that means no copay or cost to you - Woohoo!


How it works:


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Day of Service - "Be The Change"

At one of our year-end meetings, Carly and I were talking about impending change. How can we be the change we are wishing to see? How can we fill our world with love and compassion?

On January 20th, Mamas & Milk will host a Day of Service. Our focus on this day is to serve our community through volunteering our time, helping families feed their babies. We will offer Semi-Private, One-on-One Breastfeeding Consults free of charge for those who cannot afford our normal fee. These consults will include a suck assessment, pre and post feeding weights, and a personalized...

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Out of the Muck

Parenting is hard. Adulting is hard. Life is hard. Sometimes I feel a little trapped by all the stuff. This year I am trying to stay in the present moment so I can meet each situation with love, compassion and gratitude. (At least that is what I am telling myself today - if I had written this post a few days ago I think it would be a much different tone. Yikes!) To mentally prepare myself, I sit in stillness, come back to my breath, and think of what helps me move through a given moment instead of...

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Happy New Year! I have had a busy year so far. I have been traveling and playing and napping. Because what could be better than snuggling with my sweet new rainbow squishy niece?!?

2015 was a year of healing for me. I have spent more time alone, more time away, and while I fought off the pangs of guilt along the way, I am a much better person for it. I just took two weeks off and I can't wait to get back to work! I have filled myself up and I am ready to help fill others (more...

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New Office

I often wonder why it takes me so long to do things. And then there are moments like the one pictured here, and I think, oh, yeah, that's right. I work at my house. And I have two children who would rather climb and sit on me when I am home than do anything else. Also, most of my work at home is done on the computer or on the phone. And it is really difficult to enforce a "no electronics" time when I am using electronics. So I hold most of my working hours when...

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