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New Office

I often wonder why it takes me so long to do things. And then there are moments like the one pictured here, and I think, oh, yeah, that's right. I work at my house. And I have two children who would rather climb and sit on me when I am home than do anything else. Also, most of my work at home is done on the computer or on the phone. And it is really difficult to enforce a "no electronics" time when I am using electronics. So I hold most of my working hours when...

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First Day of School

First day of school! First day of school! I just dropped my kids off for their first day of school! I began the day jumping out of bed - it's the first day of school! - before both my kids were even awake. That may not mean a whole lot to some of you early risers, but it is a rare occurrence in our house. I am not a morning person. I regularly sleep in/stay in bed well past everyone else in my family. Kids are trained - in the morning they get dad - but...

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On Your Side

By Carly Marks

Who am I? This not an existential essay, so I will share what pertains to my work with Mamas & Milk. I am a mother of 2 delightful little girls, a Navy wife, a nurse who practices and teaches Yoga, and a Lactavist who holds the credential IBCLC. I am someone living with Multiple Sclerosis who employs plasma Apheresis (not well-documented for treatment of MS, I might add) and Pharmaceuticals to manage my disease and symptoms, but nothing can replace my Yoga (more on my Yoga practice, later). The evolution of this management has taught me...

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Love, Appreciation, and Power Tools

Over the past few weeks I have been wondering what I am going to do to celebrate and honor the dads in my life. What do they really want? A tie? They would probably give me a resounding, "Hell, no!" Or at least that is what they would be thinking if I asked them (although some are too kind to say it out loud). Power tools? Frankly I am more likely to ask for and get crazy excited about a new power drill or a belt sander than the hubby. So it would really be getting myself a...

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The Beginning (aka Damn You, Pandora)

I have noticed this new commercial floating around because those jewelry jerks over at Pandora are marketing geniuses. I am not a fan of marketing tactics in general, because, really, it's just a manipulative ploy to get you to buy something. But. If you haven't seen the ad, you can watch it using the link here to our YouTube channel or  here to our Facebook page (you see how I did that?), if not to have a good cry yourself, then maybe to get a glimpse...

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